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DragTimes Napier Green McLaren 765LT Gets Ready for the Track with XPEL Paint Protection Film

Brook Weisblat, host of the popular YouTube channel DragTimes recently claimed to have purchased the "cheapest McLaren 765LT" available. Not an official claim, but one he suspects since he ordered the 765LT with virtually no options apart from an at-home plug-in charger and contrasting color stitching in the interior. Using the word 'cheap' to describe a McLaren 765LT is subjective, to say the least, since even a low option, base model, 765LT like the one featured in DragTimes, still showed an MSRP of an estimated $380,000.

Before Weisblat took delivery of his new Napier Green McLaren 765LT, he wanted to ensure his new supercar would be protected against its upcoming visit to the drag strip. The car was sent to Hugh’s Detailing in Miami, FL, to be given "the whole nine yards" in paint protection by XPEL. The McLaren 765LT features a full, bumper to bumper, ULTIMATE PLUS ™ paint protection film, PRIME XR PLUS ™ auto window tint, and finished with a complete FUSION PLUS ™ ceramic coating detailing. This base model supercar now shines brighter with a premium barrier of paint protection.

Hugh's Detailing is only one of many independent shops with a certified XPEL PPF installer and DAP system to apply our industry-leading paint protection products. Installers use XPEL’s DAP system to print out patterns for vehicles to their exact measurements.

The DragTimes McLaren cheap 765LT was fitted with a full-wrap in ULTIMATE PLUS covering the entire car, including the carbon fiber side mirrors, rear wing, side skirts, and diffuser. ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film is designed to protect vehicle exterior paint from flying rock, parking lot door dings, bird droppings, and paint burning harmful UV rays.

PRIME XR PLUS was fitted to the McLaren's swooping rear window and side door windows. PRIME XR PLUS auto window tint is designed using multilayer Nano-ceramic particle technology to block up to 98 percent of infrared heat. In a place like Florida, aka the sunshine state, blocking that much heat is a convenient luxury. XPEL window tint is constructed to provide SPF 1,000 protection to block 99 percent of harmful UV rays, a leading factor for causing skin cancer.

The polished cherry on top is detailing the McLaren's ULTIMATE PLUS PPF and PRIME XR tint with XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating to ensure this Napier Green McLaren looks dealership fresh long after the new car smell fades. FUSION PLUS is offered for several different areas: interior, exterior, wheels and calibers, plastic & trim, and glass.

Each FUSION PLUS ceramic coating is designed to seal and protect surfaces from all-weather contaminates, UV rays and be more resistant to light scratches. XPEL engineered FUSION PLUS with hydrophobic properties to repel liquids and dirt, making vehicle surfaces easier to clean. A useful feature to wash away this McLaren's future dead bugs, drag strip grime and Florida rains off its flawless XPEL protected paint.

Brooks Weisblat could not have been happier with the results of seeing his new McLaren protected by XPEL paint protection film. Not a new customer to XPEL, as he states in the video of another vehicle, a McLaren 720, being wrapped in XPEL PPF. He recalled an experience of coming back to see that someone had dinged the passenger side door to this McLaren supercar, leaving a quarter size mark. XPEL's paint protection film saved the six-figure supercar from a costly door ding.

Next for the "cheapest McLaren 765L" is the drag strip, as DragTimes intends on finding out what this supercar can do on the quarter-mile track. Going by its performance figures, it is safe to assume the results will be eye-widening quickly. The McLaren 765LT is a mid-engine supercar powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 producing 755 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, matched with a seven-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission to channel all that power to the rear wheels to reach zero to 60 in 2.7 seconds and onward to a top speed of 205 mph. Listening to the 765LT exhaling through its full titanium exhaust is just one of the many hints that this car is built to take names and turn heads.

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