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Breitling Boutique Receives XPEL Window Film to Improve Climate Control, Reduce Glare and Reflect UV Rays

The Shops at La Cantera, located northwest of downtown San Antonio, is the area’s home to high-end retailers, luxury boutiques and upscale restaurants. The outdoor shopping center offers year-round fresh air and open spaces for an elegant shopping and dining experience. It also brings the south Texas sun and heat during the spring and summer months.

Allison Emerson, manager for the Breitling boutique at La Cantera, needed a solution to improve climate control, reduce glare, and reflect damaging UV rays near her watch display cases adjacent to the boutique’s door-front and walk-way facing floor-to-ceiling windows.

Ms. Emerson scheduled a consultation with XPEL sales rep Eric Rabenschlag to discuss options to install VISION™ window film at her boutique. They selected CLEAR VIEW solar film as the best solution for Ms. Emerson’s desired price point. CLEAR VIEW window film blocks up to 74 percent of infrared heat and blocks 99 percent of harmful UV rays. XPEL films also reduce hot spots and glare. Window film allows bright natural light to come in while filtering out damaging rays that can fade hardwood floors, artwork, and upholstery.

XPEL window film requires professional installation, and most films within the product portfolio are virtually invisible.

For more information about the full line of solar, safety & security, and decorative window films, go to XPEL.COM. Click on the Installer Locator tool to find an XPEL certified installer near you.