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Armor Plated Ferrari 458 Speciale is a 202 MPH Bulletproof Supercar

When one thinks of a bulletproof vehicle, odds are you picture a blacked-out SUV running in a convoy to a scheduled destination. Armor adds weight, no way around it. However, AddArmor has developed a relatively cool way to showcase its new prototype B4-level armor as secure and lightweight. AddArmor built a bulletproof Ferrari 458 Speciale, and it is as awesome as it sounds.

According to Add Armor , a .44 magnum bullet will bounce off this want-me-red Ferrari 458 Speciale and still be able to reach its factory top speed of 202 mph. The total weight of B4-level armor adds 150 pounds to the Ferrari’s curb weight. To counteract this, the Ferrari 458 is fitted with every possible carbon fiber option available and a lighter Capristo exhaust system to save weight. This crash diet cancels out 90 pounds bringing the total added weight to just 67 pounds of armor to the car’s stock weight.

Even without the carbon fiber compensation, 150 pounds is a fraction of the bulk bulletproof SUV’s carry, and that is the point AddArmor is trying to make with its B4-level protection. Repel bullets and speed like one too. B4-level protection works using laminated armoring materials that AddArmor claims to be stronger than ballistic steel while being up to 60 percent lighter.

Looking at this Ferrari, one would never assume it could stop a bullet as it races from zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds thanks to a 4.5-liter V8 heart making 597 horsepower. A seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox channels all that power to the rear wheels. AddArmor did not say the cost to fit B4-level armor to any Ferrari 458 or similar supercar – not yet anyway. What we do know is that this bulletproof Ferrari 458 Speciale now retails for $625,000 - several hundred thousand more over its starting price. Armor plating isn’t cheap, but neither is a Ferrari.

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