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Larry Kosilla, host of top-rated car enthusiast YouTube segment DRIVE + PROTECT, recently explored multiple uses for installing XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ paint protection film around his new shop. As an ‘all-thing-cars’ fanatic, Larry is intimately familiar with XPEL PPF, or clear bra as some refer to it. He previously installed ULTIMATE PLUS on his Porsche 964, and knows how XPEL PPF is a must-have to protect vehicle paint from rock chips and scratches.

Having witnessed XPEL’s performance on his Porsche, he figured paint protection film would be the perfect solution to protect his stainless-steel countertops and cabinetry. He selected ULTIMATE PLUS 10, XPEL’s thickest and most durable paint protection film for the job.

He placed his order online at www.xpel.com, by selecting PPF by the foot to accommodate his countertop and cabinetry measurements.

In addition to his film-by-the-foot order, he also received additional pre-cut film kits for headlamp, and interior surface protection as well as TRACWRAP temporary paint protection film, Door Edge Guard, Door Sill Guard, and Black Rocker Panel film. Finally, his order was complete with installation gels and slip agent as well as squeegees.

In this instructional video, Larry explains everything from site prep to properly laying the film, squeegee techniques and a few other tips and tricks along the way.

Navigation screens, dash, trim, and other interior components also have pre-cut kits. This makes for easy installation and reduces the need to hand cut the film.

Finally, Larry demonstrates how to install XPEL’s RX™ antimicrobial film on his personal electronic devices. XPEL offers a huge selection of pre-cut kits for the most popular smart phones and tablets.

If you have questions about any XPEL products or need to find an XPEL certified installer near you, more information can be found on XPEL.COM. To see upcoming Ammo NYC educational videos, just subscribe to their YouTube channel.