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3 Reasons Why Your Boat Needs XPEL FUSION PLUS Marine Ceramic Coating

Boat maintenance, like any other form of equipment maintenance, requires routine inspection, resources, a sharp eye for detail, and money. Of course, one has to stay on top of their watercraft's condition to help prolong the life cycle – and resale value. However, a boat or watercraft's cleanliness is equally important as ensuring the battery is charged or checking its oil level. With so many variables to oversee with maintaining a boat, XPEL's ceramic coating for marine is designed to make cleaning your bass boat, jet ski, or cabin cruiser much easier.

XPEL FUSION PLUS Marine Ceramic Coating offers several benefits for boat owners and operators. It can protect the exterior and interior of watercraft in all shapes, sizes, and building materials, from aluminum to fiberglass. More importantly, it is ideal for protecting surfaces above the water line. Here are the 3 top reasons why your watercraft needs FUSION PLUS Marine Ceramic Coating.

1. Ceramic Coating Protects Components Against Harmful UV Rays

Keeping your boat dry when not in use is a great way to prevent corrosion. But, whether dry docked or on a trailer, your watercraft can still be at risk from exposure to harmful UV A and B rays, two types of radiation produced by the sun. UV rays can damage a watercraft's clear coat on the painted surface, gel coat, fiberglass and cause textiles to oxidize, crack, and in addition to fading their color's depth and shine.

2. Ceramic Coating offers Durable Resistance to the Elements

FUSION PLUS Marine Ceramic Coating helps protect the interior components on your boat, jet ski, fishing boat, or watercraft. When applied directly to a surface, the ceramic coating's hydrophobic properties create a protective barrier against water, salt, and other corrosive elements. This can help keep the boat's or watercraft's interior in good condition for longer. Use it to protect leather seat cushions, wooden tabletops, stainless steel trim, and fiberglass hulls.

3. Ceramic Coating lets you Wash Away Dirt and Grime with Ease

FUSION PLUS Marine ceramic coating helps keep your boat or watercraft clean. The ceramic coating's hydrophobic properties act as an invisible barrier to help repel dirt, debris, and other chemical or environmental contaminants. As a result, you don't have to spend as much time cleaning your boat or watercraft on the water or in storage. Moreover, FUSION PLUS Marine Ceramic Coating helps ensure your boat stays clean longer than a bucket of soapy water.

Use the Full FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating Line to Protect Everything

XPEL provides FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating for various surfaces besides marine and watercraft. These different FUSION PLUS ceramic coatings are formulated to protect vehicle wheels, brake calipers, plastic trim, paint, vehicle interiors, and glass.

Like an ice cream parlor or a list of pizza toppings, XPEL ceramic coating comes in multiple flavors to fit your needs. For example, FUSION PLUS wheel and brake caliper ceramic coating can help prevent staining caused by brake dust. Apply FUSION PLUS glass to help prevent rain, snow, and dust from sticking to your windshield. With the full line of XPEL ceramic coating, you can protect your boat, trailer, and tow vehicle throughout the year.

Protect Your Boat All Year with XPEL FUSION PLUS Marine

FUSION PLUS Marine Ceramic Coating is a great choice for protecting your boat or watercraft all year. From helping to keep the finish looking its best to reducing fuel consumption, FUSION PLUS Marine ceramic coating can be the last line of defense in preserving your boat's condition and resale value. In addition, protect the interior components of the vessel or watercraft against the damaging effects of sun, time, and water with XPEL.

If you are looking for the best marine ceramic coating for your boat installed by professionals, click the link to request a free estimate and find an XPEL installer near you.