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2021 Ford GT Heritage Editions Preserves Limited-Edition Racer Paintwork with ULTIMATE PLUS™ Paint Protection Wrap

This special edition 2021Ford GT recently visited the XPEL Las Vegas Install Center. Certified trained XPEL installers treated the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition with a complete exterior ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film wrap. The Ford GT wears XPEL PPF to preserve its limited-edition paintwork from the front splitter to the rear wing.

The Ford GT is considered the top-shelf bottle to hold Ford’s latest advancements in performance. The history of the Ford GT has been cataloged in books, essays, documentaries, and feature-length Hollywood movies starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale. It is a supercar born from a place of anger and used to fight fire with fire in the 24-Hour battlefield of Le Mans. Ford decided to release a limited-production special edition Ford GT for 2021 and 2022 production years.

This bespoke model is meant to be a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the 1966 Ford GT 40 MK II racecar that dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. It knocked the seemingly unbeatable Ferrari racing team at the time. The full name of this tribute supercar is called the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition. Ford announced that only 40 examples would be built – in honor of the GT 40.

This 2021 Ford GT features exciting, functional exterior components. The hood is exposed carbon fiber in contrast with the car’s Frozen White exterior paint. Race Red color accents and exposed carbon fiber side skirts and rear wing complete the Ford GT Heritage Edition racer-look. As part of the package, every Heritage Edition Ford GT includes roundel graphics throughout the bodywork featuring the number 98 - like the race car. Completing the visual appearance package is a set of forged aluminum wheels in gold. In addition to an ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film Wrap, the Ford GT Heritage gold wheels were treated with FUSION PLUS ™ Ceramic Coating.

Sitting behind the driver is the Ford GT’s heart. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine producing 660-hp and 550 lb.-ft of torque. This amount of power matched with lightweight carbon fiber construction means a 2021 Ford GT can reach 60 mph in three seconds. Give it enough room to run, and the Ford GT will achieve a top speed of 216 mph. The 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition is an instant classic. With XPEL Paint Protection Film, this rare modern supercar wears a virtually invisible shield against rock chips, scratch marks, and road grime found on the street – or track.

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Ford GT Paint Protection Wrap

XPEL offers a 10-year transferable warranty on its paint protection film. Thus, ensuring the ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film on this 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition continues to provide industry-leading quality if it changes owners at collector car auctions. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ Paint Protection Wrapis a transparent, durable film developed to protect surfaces against scratch marks, paint chips, and corrosion brought on by environmental contaminants. These contaminants can range from bird droppings to acids found in bugs. ULTIMATE PLUS ppf is virtually unnoticeable and leaves a high-gloss shine on wrapped surfaces. The XPEL’s paint protection film’s ‘self-healing’ properties work with direct sunlight to vanish away light paint damage like swirl marks and faint scratches.

Certified XPEL installation shops work with XPEL’s DAP system to wrap vehicles to their exact measurements. Paint protection wraps can be offers in a partial-front or full-front known as ‘clear bras’ or opt to wrap the entire vehicle. ULTIMATE PLUS ™ ppf can also be applied to interiors and carbon fiber wings or diffusers.

FUSION PLUS ™ Water-Repelling Ceramic Coating

FUSION PLUS ™ Ceramic Coating is infused with hydrophobic properties to repel water, mud, and road grime from surfaces. One application can protect surfaces for an extended time. XPEL offers a range of FUSION PLUS ceramic coating to protect exterior paint, interiors, glass, plastic trim, wheels, and brake calipers. The owner of this 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E opted to coat the entire exterior in FUSION PLUS. XPEL’s ceramic coating makes surfaces easier to clean and performs to increase the depth of paint color. As a result, surfaces shine brighter and offer a rich premium gloss.


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