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2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door Gets Fully Wrapped in STEALTH™ Matte-Finish Paint Protection Film

Ford introduced the all-new Bronco SUV in the summer of 2020. One year later, the 2021 Ford Bronco is starting to appear on public roads and off-road trails. Recently, a new Ford Bronco owner brought their next-gen off-roading SUV to a certified XPEL installation shop. Located in Covington, Kentucky, Level 3 Auto Works treated the entire exterior of this Cactus Grey 2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door with XPEL STEALTH ™ Paint Protection Film. This is one of the earliest of the 2021 Ford Bronco using XPEL PPF in the U.S.

The Cactus Grey 2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door with STEALTH ™ Paint Protection Film contrasts beautifully with the truck's black exterior trim, roof, and wheels. The once gloss exterior paint is protected with a layer of matt-finish PPF. XPEL STEALTH Paint Protection Film offers the same industry-leading paint protection as ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film. The difference is STEALTH's signature matte-finish results that feel like satin to the touch.

Features on the 2021 Ford Bronco show a dedication to details. It offers buyers a capable off-road SUV available in two or four-door configurations, each design built with a removable roof. In addition, owners can remove the doors and roof panel to show the Ford Bronco’s halo roll-cage creating a panoramic view for passengers. This structure also houses the Ford Bronco's curtain side airbags.

The new 2021 Bronco is offered in various trim options designed for a specific focus on all-terrain capability. The Big Bend is the unofficial starting trim level, while the Outer Banks variant caters to a sporty and luxurious interior. Black Diamond trim level offering rugged, off-road-inspired styling cues. The Wildtrak Bronco features blacked-out exterior trim pieces with a focus on desert running. Lastly, the Ford Bronco Badlands is meant to be the best all-rounder variant for off-roading. The is a special edition First Edition Ford Bronco with a limited production run of 3,500 units based on the Badlands featuring bespoke graphics with the interior of an Outer Banks and exterior styling from the Wildtrak.

Regardless of body style, the standard engine option on the 2021 Ford Bronco is a 2.3-liter turbocharged inline-four-cylinder producing 270-hp and 310 lb.-ft of torque. The second, more powerful option is the twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6. This engine produces 310-hp and 400 lb.-ft of torque. For off-road performance, locking differentials are available for both front and rear wheels. Switching from two to four-wheel-drive can be done on the fly with two transfer case options.

Evidence of the 2021 Ford Bronco off-road intentions can be seen under the vehicle. The SUV's undercarriage is armored to protect vital components like transmission, gas tank, and anti-roll bar disconnect device while traversing extreme terrains. The truck's rock rails are designed to support the entire vehicle's weight and can be easily replaced. Inside, each passenger seat footwell features a drainage hole for easy clean-up. The tailgate includes a bottle opener as well.

STEALTH ™ Ford Bronco Matte Finish Paint Protection Film

This 2021 Ford Bronco four-door opted to be protected with XPEL STEALTH ™ Matte Paint Protection Film. It is protected against off-road debris like mud, snow, dirt, and gravel. XPEL STEALTH ™ Paint Protection Film offers the same industry-leading protection against scratches and road grime as ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film with a twist. STEALTH PPF will match most factory matte, and specialty finish paint jobs. Most matte or flat finish paint requires special maintenance and is often unable to tolerate automated car washes. However, STEALTH ™ Paint Protection Film works as a barrier to shield matte paint jobs. So have a look you want without the hassle – the best of both worlds.

STEALTH ™ Paint Protection Film is a solution to changing the look of a vehicle from gloss to matte without visiting a paint booth. This unique paint protection film leaves surfaces with a satin-like feel to the touch. Plus, protect against rock chips, scratch marks, and road grime faced during daily commutes.


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