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2020 Ram 1500 Delmonico Red Pearl Paint Gets Detailed with FUSION PLUSTM Ceramic Coating

This Hemi-powered 2020 Ram 1500 wears an eye-catching Delmonico Red Pearl paint with an optional bumper color matching option. The owner wanted to protect the shine of this pearl paint without needing to pour several hours of elbow grease every weekend with a tin of car polish. The owner brought the truck to a certified XPEL installation center in San Antonio, Texas. Instead of going for a paint protection film, XPEL fitted this truck with a full FUSION PLUS ™ ceramic coating.

FUSION PLUS ceramic coating is designed to seal and protect surfaces from all-weather contaminates, UV rays and be more resistant to light scratches. XPEL engineered FUSION PLUS with hydrophobic properties to repel liquids and dirt, making vehicle surfaces easier to clean. FUSION PLUS is offered for several different areas: exterior surfaces, interior surfaces, wheels and calibers, and glass.

The ceramic coated Delmonico Red Pearl is the beauty to match the V8 beast under this 2020 Ram 1500’s hood. Among the vast array of engines offered by Ram, the iconic 5.7-liter Hemi stands as the classic favorite with more than enough grunt to work hard and play harder with 395 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque.

The owner of this beautiful Ram 1500 opted for FUSION PLUS paint, plastic & trim, and glass for full coverage on all exterior areas. The results are a freshly detailed truck that’ll be easier to maintain no matter the weather and protect against swirl marks, light scratches, and the paint baking UV rays from the Texas sun.

FUSION PLUS ceramic coating for wheels and calibers is popular with owners looking to protect their performance or stylish wheels and performance calibers from road grime and brake dust. Protect your wheels from where the rubber meets the road with XPEL.

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