PermaPlate Film, LLC

PermaPlate Film, LLC is now XPEL

Welcome to the Team

In late May 2021, PermaPlate Film, LLC was acquired by XPEL. We are all very excited about this partnership and look to continue to service your business in the ways you’ve come to know and appreciate as customers of PermaPlate Film.

Beginning August 1, 2021, we will be fully transitioning PermaPlate Film customers into the XPEL Customer Service and invoicing process. This page is designed to provide you with information & links to get you set up as an XPEL customer in no time.

New Customer FAQ

How will I place orders for products with XPEL?

We have multiple ways you can place an order. To place orders or make inquiries, you can contact the XPEL Customer Service Team at 210-678-3700 or toll free at 1-800-447-9928. Our team is available Monday-Friday from 7:30am-7:30pm CST. You can also reach a Support Technician for all your DAP / Plotter questions 24/7 by dialing the same number and following the phone prompts. You can reach us by emailing the below email inboxes at any time: · Please email orders to · Please email inquiries to

I currently place orders online through the PermaPlate Film website. Can I still do that?

During the last week of July, the XPEL Customer Service Team will be reaching out to customers that have ordered online through the PermaPlate Film website with instructions on how to login to the XPEL Dealer Portal. You will have new login credentials and will be able to place orders, make payments, and download copies of your invoices. Note: this will contain information for your XPEL account starting August 1, 2021.

Where will my order ship from? Can I pick it up?

Orders will ship from either our San Antonio, TX or Fullerton, CA distribution centers. Both centers offer customer pick up during business hours. Please contact XPEL Customer Service for more information such as address, hours of operation, etc.

Do I still order the same items/SKUs?

For those that buy products, your Sales Manager will be reaching out with a new SKU list that will include both the old item numbers and the new item. In some cases, the SKU has not changed, but you’ll have that information in time to place orders with the new SKUs as of August 1st.

Does my company contact change?

No. You can still contact your Sales Manager for any questions or needs you may have.

Additional Resources