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Million Dollar View of Manhattan Enhanced with VISION Clear View Plus Window Film

In real estate, what you see from the windows can mean the difference between a home and a dream house. This townhouse is located right in the middle of the Hudson River across from the city of Manhattan. Geographically, Time Square is one mile away. The town house's architecture features multiple 20-foot-tall windows creating a nearly unobstructed panoramic view of the city that never sleeps.

The experts at The Art of Tint recently visited the townhouse to install VISION ™ Clear View Plus 55 window film on all its glass windows. As a result, the homeowner can enjoy their million-dollar view more comfortably, free of sun glare & pesky infrared heat.

VISION Clear View Plus window film helps reduce hot spots, and blocks 99% of harmful UV rays while diminishing sun glare. More importantly, this window film does not hinder or darken the view from the inside.

As a result, one can enjoy the view without feeling the stinging sensation of direct sunlight or deal with the hassle of sun glare obstructing entertainment. In addition, reducing hot spots helps improve interior comfort and energy efficiency by maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the room or office. VISION Window Film can also help preserve valuables from fading when vulnerable to direct sunlight, like fine art and furniture.

Are you ready to live more comfortably in your home or office? VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS Window Film can help. Use the Installer Locator to find an XPEL installer near you and get a free quote today!