XPEL Headlight Protection

A Ford Truck is has it's headlights protected with optically-clear headlamp protection kitsProtect your sports car's expensive headlamps from stones and debris traveling up up to 120 mph.XPEL's light protection is avaliable for headlamps, fog lamps (pictured here), and signal lamps.Headlight protection kits can restore the clarity of dulled and fogged headlamps on older vehicles.
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H2134 - Headlamp and Fog Lamp Kit  
Headlamp and Fog Lamp Kit
Difficulty Rating:* Installation Difficulty
Price: $69.95

In addition to the Headlamp protection, you may want to get a computer-cut XPEL Paint Protection Kit:
Find paint protection film for your vehicle here.

XPEL Headlamp kits are available in Clear and Dark Smoke.
Note: XPEL colored Light Kits are strictly for show-car and off-road use only.

** If you are not comfortable attempting installation yourself, you can check to see if there is a dealer in your area with our Dealer Locator.

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