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XPEL Secures Patent For On-demand Remote Design and Manufacturing Of Vehicle Protection Products

Published On 8/27/2007


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, August 27, 2007…XPEL Technologies Corp. (TSXV: DAP.U) announced today that it has secured the patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office under patent number 7,079,916 relating to the remote design and production of vehicle protection products, which can be delivered over a communications network. A vehicle is defined as a car, boat, plane, motorcycle, custom coach, RV, and virtually all modes of transportation. The manufacture of a product is typically completed by a plotter or cutter, or any similar device to produce products from materials in roll or sheet form, such as a flexible urethane or PVC film.

XPEL Chief Executive Officer, Steven J. McAuley, stated, “By securing this patent, XPEL has further solidified itself as the industry leader in vehicle surface protection. Simply put, the utilization of XPEL’s exclusive patented design and delivery capabilities facilitates the conversion of a roll of raw material into a saleable product.” Mr. McAuley further added, “This patent undoubtedly enhances the XPEL value proposition and will attract more product installers, vehicle dealerships and customers to the XPEL business. This intellectual property asset will provide XPEL and its partners a greater competitive advantage in the marketplace, and may present opportunities to generate additional licensing revenues going forward.”

XPEL Technologies Corp. is the worldwide leader in the electronic delivery of automotive aftermarket products, utilizing the Internet as an integral component for its design, manufacturing, distribution and customer relationship strategies. The Company’s DAP software utility offers Dealers the industry’s most efficient and productive tool set to better serve customers with “best-in-class” solutions in real time. XPEL has clear advantages over the competition through its expansive proprietary library of installation-friendly paint and headlight protection and window tint products, coupled with a patented Internet-based remote manufacturing and distribution software, superior installation training curriculum and world-class facilities, with established and growing sales channels.

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