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Reflex Enterprises Announces Release Of Design Access Software Version 6. 1

Published On 3/1/2003


– Headlight Patterns Added-
– Accuracy Emphasized –

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, March 1, 2003…Reflex Enterprises, L.L.C. (“Reflex”) announced today that it has released version 6.1 of its proprietary, web-enabled Design Access Program (DAP). The DAP’s powerful new features and added products allows it to more accurately and efficiently serve the needs of today’s fast-growing vehicular paint and headlight protection market.

DAP version 6.1 was designed not only to add headlight patterns to the database, but it also added a considerable amount of functionality. The addition of sub-models to the database has added a level of application accuracy that is unprecedented in the industry. An expanded catalog function allows clients to accurately calculate and track product costs on multiple brands of bulk film. Based on the cost of raw goods, the client may apply his desired mark-up factors to extrapolate a wholesale and/or retail price for every pattern in the database. Custom catalog pages depicting either installed or non-installed pricing may then be printed from within the application for sales and marketing presentations.

The DAP is a Windows-based client/server utility allowing users the ability to remotely manufacture precision vehicle paint and headlight protection kits via the Internet. The new DAP Version 6.1 application provides optimum efficiency and provides the company and the client with an easy solution for the harmonious management of over 6,500 vehicle applications contained in the database. The addition of an automated parts entry system on the company side of the application allows for simplistic new part entry, making new product files available to the client on an “as created” basis. As all data related to the parts are drawn from a single database, consistency and accuracy of product applications is optimized.

Tim Hartt, Senior Vice President of Reflex, commented, “After a considerable and admirable effort from our IT Department, we have produced a new DAP application that is based on a single database which most accurately describes the application for each pattern, virtually eliminating any confusion as to what application a particular kit will fit.”

Mr. Hartt further added, “The addition of an internal new part entry system results in great benefits to those clients who recognize the need to have regular, almost daily, product updates, further demonstrating our relentless support for our clients.”

Rege Brunner, Chairman and CEO of Reflex, stated, “Release of DAP version 6.1 demonstrates our persistent commitment to provide the very best in the way of products, software and support of our clientele. The release of this software version would not have been possible without with an enormous amount of creativity and effort from our IT department. We are proud to be able to continue to offer the software program on a cost-free distribution basis.”

Reflex Enterprises, L.L.C. ( is a leader in the electronic commerce of top automotive protection products, utilizing the Web as an integral component of its design, marketing, distribution and customer relationship strategies. The Company’s proprietary software utility offers the most efficient and cost effective distribution of “best of breed” automotive protection products. Reflex has clear advantages over the competition through its corporate framework consisting of an expansive library of installation-friendly paint and headlight protection products, proprietary product distribution software, superior industry training curriculum/facilities and established distribution channels.

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Ryan Pape
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