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Hansen World RX Team and XPEL align for robust 2023 title fight

Published On 4/20/2023

Multiple World Rallycross Championship-winning outfit, Hansen World RX Team, has formed an alliance with XPEL ahead of a title-challenge for the 2023 FIA World Rallycross season.

Hansen Motorsport – the most successful rallycross team in the history of the discipline – has been operating at the forefront of rallycross for over 30 years. As the sport has moved into a brand-new era of all-electric machines at the highest level, with the Hansen squad one of the few teams to have won in both the internal combustion and electric eras so far, the mixed-surface racing remains as intense and dynamic as ever.

XPEL is a market leader in protection solutions in the automotive, marine, home, office, and commercial sectors. Striving to provide the best possible products, services, and support for customers and its installer network, XPEL operates in over 55 countries around the globe, delivering unparalleled service.

For 2023, a partnership between two of the most innovative firms in their respective fields will mean the Hansen World RX Team’s Peugeot 208 RX1e machines will enjoy protection from XPEL’s Paint Protection Film (PPF). PPF, a virtually invisible urethane film, will protect the vehicle's paint from damage as Swedish driver pairing Timmy Hansen, the 2019 World RX Drivers’ Champion, and Kevin Hansen, the 2016 European Rallycross Champion, take on the 2023 World RX season.

PPF will be utilized predominantly on the front of the 208 RX1e machines, but, in the harsh environment of a rallycross race, where stones, mud and dirt are constantly thrown up by the four-wheel-drive 500kW vehicles, PPF will be used in all areas of the cars that endure the most impact from the elements.

The partnership is two-fold. Not only will the Hansen cars be kept in the best possible condition as they race around the world, but XPEL’s products will also be developed in the off-road arena, having already refined its catalogue in top-flight U.S. series, such as IndyCar.

The World RX season commences at Montalegre, Portugal (June 3-4) before travelling through Europe, concluding with flyaway races in South Africa and Asia (Hong Kong), as the campaign ends in November.

Kenneth Hansen, Team Principal at Hansen World RX Team, said: “As rallycross continues to grow and becomes more relevant in the world today with the switch to electric cars, more eyes than ever are going to be on our cars and drivers.

“That’s why this partnership with XPEL is so exciting for us, as we work to keep our cars looking as good as they possibly can, whatever is thrown at them in the harsh cut-and-thrust nature of a World RX weekend.

“We have been in this sport a long time, and while we have developed what we do in every single area - from the technology in the cars to driver analysis, our setup in the paddock to how we work with the media and partners - keeping the cars looking good in this harsh environment is always a challenge.

“As a team we never stop working to push the envelope so, together with XPEL, developing its products under extreme conditions is a great motivation for us too.”

Michael Mejia, Marketing Director at XPEL, said: "Hansen World RX Team is a great partner for XPEL. Not only are they the most successful team in rallycross history, but they will help us reach a global audience of performance enthusiasts throughout the World Rallycross Championship season.

“What better way to showcase the durability of XPEL’s protective products than by applying them on a rallycross car that will race in all elements on three continents.”