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XPEL Named Official Window Tint and Ceramic Coating Partner For Porsche Club of America Club Racing

Published On 6/18/2019

XPEL Named Official Window Tint and Ceramic Coating Partner For Porsche Club of America Club Racing

XPEL a leading supplier of automotive paint protection films, window films, ceramic coating, and architectural flat glass films is pleased to announce a partnership with The Porsche Club of America (PCA) Club Racing as the Official Ceramic Coating and Window Tint for 2019. The partnership with Club Racing further strengthens XPEL’s brand recognition among Porsche owners around the country.

Throughout 2019, XPEL will expand its event presence at key national club events and races, allowing PCA members to benefit from product education for window tint and ceramic coating options. PCA Club Racing members will also receive exclusive discounts from XPEL on aftercare products including ceramic boost spray, detail spray, and other DIY products.

“Early in our company’s history, Porsche owners became early adopters of XPEL and remain one of our most loyal customer bases in North America,” said Michael Dobbins XPEL Marketing Manager. Partnering with PCA Racing Club is an exciting step for us in 2019. “Now with the addition of FUSION PLUS ceramic coating into our product line, we can offer the complete package and cover nearly every model Porsche with a paint protection product.”

As leaders in the industry, XPEL continues to strive for the best technology and quality materials. XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Window Tint blocks up to 98% of infrared heat, keeping your vehicle cool on warmer days as well as blocking 99.9% of cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays. FUSION PLUS ceramic coating is a nano ceramic hydrophobic coating applicable to paint, glass, vinyl, and paint protection films, which provides unrivaled candy-coated shine and a fortified layer of vehicle protection.

XPEL has been an avid supporter of the PCA since 2013. Its dedication continues through this partnership and will benefit PCA members and more than 2000 licensed drivers. XPEL will be featured at the PCA’s 32 race events held around the United States. PCA is one of the largest racing clubs in the country.

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