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XPEL featured on local news station Kens5

Original Story from Kens5

A Dominion home recently featured on KENS 5 as the most expensive house in San Antonio is27,000square feet. What about the most expensive cars in the city? It's called coffee and cars: Every twoweeks car enthusiasts in San Antoniowake up early,and proudly display their favorite toy, their souped up car. There's something for everybody,including exotic cars.
"This car revs at 9,000 rpms,there'sreally nothing quite like it,"said Gary Davidson, Car Enthusiast. Gary Davidsonsaid he has a passion for Ferrari's. One Ferrariin his collection is one ofonly800 worldwide: aFerrari 458 Speciale. It's considered an investment vehicle,meaning if he keeps the miles down, he could relistit later for even more than it's valued now, about $430,000 to $490,000. Davidsonis not the only one in the Alamo City that shares a love for beautiful cars like this. "Some people just put these in the garage and look at it, I like to get them out in the street and really have fun with them," said Dave Gordon, Car Enthusiast. Gordonhas a garage of 20 cars,but he has a real drive for Lamborghini's. "They hunt you down, they take pictures of you," said Gordon. "If you're going down the highway they'll speed up behind you and take pictures." Gordon saidhis passion for cars started as a young boy, soafter working hard in life, he has no problem living out his dream of having a garage like his. "TheCountach, that markets gone really high that's almost 500,000, the Murcielagorunning around 200,000 right now, the Diablo is probably low 200s," said Gordon. While those numbers might seem mind boggling, for some there areeven more expensive vehicles out on our roads. "It's really a product for anyone who wants to keep their car looking new," said David Dick, XPEL TechnologiesRegional Manager. At XPELthey specialize in protective film for vehicles. It's similar to what you put on your cell phone to protect the screen from scratches. Because of that, the company often sees very expensive vehicles like Ferrari's.They also worked on a Bugatti, as well as a couple of LaFerrari's, vehicle's well over the million dollar mark. "Its going to range anywhere from 1.5 million all the way up to 2 million on the Bugatti's," said Dick."The LaFerraris they sticker typically 1.7 to 1.8, but they're immediately already going up in value and worth somewhere in theneighborhood of 3 million dollars," said Dick. At XPEL Technologies, employeesmanufacture a paint protection film called 'XPEL ULTIMATE.' "Think about window tint squeegeedto glass.This is a paint protectionpolyurethane film that's squeegeed to the automotive clear coat of an automobile," said David Dick ofXPEL Technologies. The productprotects cars from certain types of damage." rock chips, bugs etching in the frontor any road debris," Dick said. Their specialists workon all sorts of cars."You see anything from 2015 Mustang to a 2015 McLaren 650SSpider," said Dick. Each cartakes between a half and a full day to finish."Our guys have been well trained, and we are very careful with how we work on the vehicles," Dick said. Training for this job typically takes between three and six months onthe job, and installers end up making between $40,000 and $60,000 a year. Link to the original articles: Million Dollar Cars Cruise San Antonio& Non-Traditional Education Catching on in San Antonio