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Protecting Your Car’s Interior Screens with Surface Protection Films

Car Protective Films, a Modern Solution to a Digital Problem

The modern looking glass is no longer glass but a digital screen as our lives increasingly revolves around steadily updating technology. Your car is a prime example, as the screen in the center dash gets larger each year, rivaling the laptop you use at home.

A car's infotainment screen is now essential in managing everything from GPS and audio volume to tailoring various performance settings. Moreover, many automakers like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Kia, BMW, and Toyota are elevating the interior of vehicles with multiple screens that include digital instrument clusters and screens for passengers. Mercedes-EQ recently introduced a digital dashboard that extends the entire width of the dashboard.

Constant use means wear and tear, scratches, unsightly fingerprints, and vulnerability to damage from constant sun exposure. A modern problem requires a modern solution. Here's how surface protection films can help protect your vehicle's interior screens and digital gauges.

Scratch Resistance PPF for Car Infotainment Screens

Infotainment screens and digital gauges are vulnerable to scratches caused by fingernails and other foreign objects. Premium protective films like XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS feature advanced self-healing properties to protect the screen in a transparent shield.

When exposed to heat or sunlight, the self-healing properties will vanish away light scratch marks. Thus ensuring your car's touchscreens and digital gauges maintain a flawless appearance. Moreover, protective films for cars can make cleaning grimy smudges and fingerprints from interiors easier.

Using PPF to Protect Car Interior from Sun Exposure

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause LCD screens to overheat, fade, and degrade over time. With interior surface protective film, the harmful effects of UV exposure are reduced to maintain the vibrancy and functionality of your digital components. Additionally, the film's transparency will support the function and clarity of your vehicle's infotainment screen or digital dashboard.

When applied by a professional installer, the results are virtually unnoticeable. Specialty variants of protective films like XPELSTEATH provide a matte satin finish, which can help reduce sun glare on large screens commonly seen in popular vehicles like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Tesla.

Enhance Your Car's Interior with XPEL PPF

XPEL self-healing car interior protective films offer versatility. It is ideal for protecting your vehicle inside and out, from paintwork to digital screens. Explore the different variants XPEL has to offer, like ULTIMATE PLUS, STEATH , and ULTIMATE FUSION PLUS PPF, to learn more.

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