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NISMO Fiesta 2015 in Austin, Texas

NIMSO Fiesta in Austin, Texas


Nismo Fiesta made its first debut in April 2011. It has become one of the largest all Datsun, Nissan, Infiniti event in the country. Nismo Fiesta 2015 consisted of a three-day event from May 22nd thru May 24th in Austin, Texas. The event began on Friday night with an opening banquet at the host hotel, the lavish Austin Airport Hilton. The banquet consisted of the opening monologue, a Mr. K tribute ceremony, an update from Nissan USA and a word from the sponsors.For the Saturday event, attendees hadtheir choice of a hill country cruise through the scenic Texas hill country or a full track day at Austin's own Driveway Racetrack. After a long day in the drivers seat, the host hotel held a relaxed mixer witha live band and dinner.Sunday's event wasthe largest eventof the 3 days at Nismo Fiesta. The event washeldat the Driveway Racetrack and consisted of an all Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti car show, a full course kart racing track, a mobile dyno, raffle prizes, a multitude of sponsors and vendors as well. It was a great event and we look forward to next year!

Pre-cut XPEL ULTIMATE kitsthat were installed on theNissan GTR.

Pre-cut XPEL ULTIMATE kits that were installed on theNissan 370Z.

NISMO Fiesta Banquet Dinner

Guest Speakers from Nismo Fiesta Banquet

Bryan Heitkotter, a record-holder, a winner and a champion. He has accomplishedwhat every teenager has everdreamed of doing while playing a race car video game. He has became a professional race car driver. Instead of playing the video game, he is living vicariously through it. He is the first American that transitioned from racing virtual cars to racing real cars...for more information click: Bryan Heitkotter's Story After roasting a few friends, Michael M. "Mad Mike" Taylor began explaining his involvement with Nissan, for the people that did not know the story. Michael, better known to the car community as "Mad Mike," lobbied company officials to bring the "Z" back after Nissan killed it from production in 1996. During the speech at Nismo Fiesta, Mad Mike explained that when he went to Japan to get the "Z" back he met with Yutaka Katayama, also known to the car community as "Mr. K." Mr. K is known as the father of the Z. So naturally these two car enthusiasts got along very well. Skip ahead a few years and in 2003 the "Z" was reborn. Mad Mike credits the Z's re-birth to Carlos Ghosn, the Executive for Nissan Motor Company. To read more about Mad Mike click: More Info