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Indy Car Driver Scott McLaughlin Secures His Privacy and Comfort with XPEL VISION Window Films at Home

Professional racing driver Scott McLaughlin is a world-class athlete. And like any good athlete, rest is equally important as training. As someone who spends most of their time pushing the limit at the track, in the gym, and on a racing simulator, having a day to relax at home is worth savoring.

The globe-trotting New Zealand racer recently moved into a new home in the United States to be closer to his Team Penske IndyCar Series race team. Given his unique status as a celebrity, McLaughlin wanted to safeguard his privacy, protect his home interiors against UV rays, and enhance the exterior look of his new home without calling a contractor.

Lucky for McLaughlin, Team Penske sponsor XPEL was on hand to solve his homeowner problems with one solution, VISION window films.

Different XPEL Window Films for Specific Needs

Scott McLaughlin's home required different kinds of XPEL window films to fit specific needs. Glass in the garage was treated with White Frost decorative window film. The film's frosted glass effect provides a sense of style with privacy, and its translucent effect allows a limited amount of light to pass through. This will ensure nobody outside sees what motorsport-related or personal vehicles and equipment McLaughlin has stored in the garage.

Upstairs, McLaughlin wanted better heat rejection to protect the racing simulator in his office. The glass in this room was treated with Blend DR 27. This dual-benefit metallic window film appears neutral from the inside while providing exterior privacy. From the outside, the upstairs windows look tinted. Inside, the view is unhindered while reducing sun glare and solar heat. It's an ideal window film for protecting sensitive electronics or delicate objects vulnerable to UV rays, like wooden furniture.

XPEL installers used VISION Clear View Plus 55 window film for the living room and kitchen windows.

VISION Clear View Plus UV Protective Home Window Film

This multi-layer constructed window film provides the highest-performing non-shiny film for homeowners who want privacy and UV protection without sacrificing visibility. Available in various grades, Clear View Plus window films can eliminate hot spots to help reduce inconsistent temperatures in the home. The film’s heat rejection properties help maintain an even temperature throughout the home to improve HVAC efficiency by reducing hot spots caused by excessive heat transmitted through the glass windows.

Furthermore, it rejects 99% of harmful UV rays passing through that can damage interior furnishings and occupants. In addition to improving outbound daytime visibility without annoying sun glares blocking the TV screen.

Safeguard Your Home's Interior Comfort and Privacy with XPEL VISION Film

VISION Clear View Plus 55 is one of many specialty window films catering to residential and commercial needs. Visit our VISION page to explore the entire product line. Use the Installer Locator Tool to find an XPEL dealer nearest you and request a free quote today!