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Guinness World Record Tint Challenge with PRIME XR PLUS

When most people think of Guinness World Records, the last thing that comes to mind is window tinting. Things like "longest fingernails," "most pizza eaten," or "smallest person alive" are likely strong contenders. On July 29th with the help of the SunStoppers, we set out to change all that. For those of you who have attended an XPEL Dealer Conference in the past, you may recall a mention of World Record related happenings. For those who haven't - one of our keynote speakers, Jared Guynes, is responsible for a few of them. In particular, the largest NERF battle ever.
Upon hearing of Jared's records, Mike Burke of SunStoppers approached our very own Chris Hardy with a GWR attempt unlike anything else. An idea to tint the most vehicle windows in a day by a team of trained professionals.


After months of planning, coordinating, and organizing, the Guinness World Record Tint Challenge day had arrived. We setup shop at Town & Country Ford with a massive stock of PRIME XR PLUS window tint and a seemingly endless list of cars ripe for installation.
With the honk of a horn, the Guinness World Record Tint Challenge was off & rolling. Nearly the entire stock of Town & Country was inline to receive our top-tier PRIME XR PLUS window tint. The SunStoppers team made it look easy, utilizing a wide variety of pre-cut window film patterns from out DAP software.
Over an 8 hour period, the tinters worked tirelessly to install PRIME XR PLUS on everything that rolled into the service bay. It was a long day for everyone involved, but an experience unlike any other.

Winner, Winner, Window Tinters

As the work day wound down & the rows of cars to tint started to get shorter, the finish line for our Guinness World Record Tint Challenge was in sight. As you can see in the recap video above, we finished the day off strong with a SRT Challenger contributed by YouTube's very own SaabKyle04.
Once the final window was complete & the day was over, it was time to run the numbers. The record setting tally clocked in at 170 cars in total, with film applied to 438 windows - not counting the small, quarter glass. It was, as Guinness puts it - #OfficiallyAmazing. Big thanks to the SunStoppers team for helping pull off this incredible feat of window tinting mastery - we couldn't have done it without you all. Also, thanks to all of our organizers, volunteers, participants, and supporters for helping make it a truly unique event that went off without a hitch.