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Corvette Funfest 2013 - Effingham, Illinois

Corvette Funfest

t was a big year for the Corvette community. This year marked 20 years for Funfest, 40 years for Mid America Motorworks (one of the world's leaders in Corvette care), and 60 years for the Corvette itself, not to mention the arrival of the C7 Stingray! It was essentially a giant Corvette party. People are invited from all over the world to see what's new in the Corvette world, meet with fellow Corvette owners, and maybe pick out their next modification.

Stingray On The Way

You dont have to be a Corvette owner to appreciate them. Theres a lot of talk about who got there first as the first American sports car. All we know is that we love and appreciate the Corvette. The first generation C1 came out in 1953. This car came with a 150 horsepower inline 6 cylinder engine. Chevrolet didnt offer a V8 until two years later in 1955 when a 265 cu in V8 was offered as an option. Upping the 0-60 from 11.5 seconds with the inline 6 to 8.5 seconds in the V8. Let's jump ahead a few generations to the C5 that was built from 1997-2004.

With that Corvette became one of the greatest power plants of all time. The LS1. This small block V8 was completely redesigned from the previous generations V8. Initially rated for 345hp and 350lb-ft, but was increased to 350hp for the 2001 models. You can also find them in other car manufacture models such as. Mazda Miatas, Nissan 240sxs, and other applications. You can find them in Corvette models today. That is, until the C7.

When the seventh generation of the Corvette starts hitting the streets it will come with a 6.2L V8 called the LT1. Sound familiar? GM started using the LT1 name back in 1970. LT will be used from this point forward. The 376cu in V8 in the C7 is estimated to have 450hp from the factory. An astounding number considering 60 years ago when the Corvette first came out it had 300 less horsepower. The C7 will be offered with a seven speed manual or a six speed automatic with paddle shifters. What some people are most excited about is the brand new interior. Its lightyears ahead of the C6?s interior and a refreshing addition by an American automaker.