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Carnucopia Uncovered: Inside a Tuner Theory State of Mind


2017 BMW M2 Performance Edition

Carnucopia Uncovered

In our third installment of the XPEL Insiders video series, we find ourselves in Charlotte, North Carolina. Home of the SunStoppers, Charlotte is also the stomping grounds of Amir, a man many of you may know from a page on Instagram called Carnucopia. For Amir, the Carnucopia moniker rings truest with the roundel. Posting up in the driveway, we sat down with Amir to talk about his history with BMW, gain some insight into Tuner Theory, and learn more about the M2 he drives on the daily.


Incase you're unfamiliar, Tuner Theory is a group of automotive enthusiasts motivated by modifying a wide variety of makes & models. While a majority of the collective's members are also BMW owners like Amir, what really drives them is their insatiable urge to make a car their own.
Like many Tuner Theory members and other car fanatics, Amir is always open to the idea of improving his personal rides. His appreciation of German performance didn't just start with the M2, either.
"I think that moment when I knew I was going to be a BMW guy happened when my cousin drives up in an orange E30 M3 with gold BBS wheels."
For many, the desire to do more with our own mode of transport remains tied to an impactful moment in our past. A turning point where we yearn to have 4 wheels to call our own.
"I walked out thinking -- "what was he thinking?" And then I end up with the ride of my life."
And from that moment forward, nothing would be the same. Amir's thirst for M cars would only get stronger as the years passed by and model lineage grew.


While the focus of our video is the Carnucopia M2, the stout little coupe wasn't the first BMW to generate a buzz with Amir's followers. As a recipient of an early F80 M3, he adorned the 4 door with a bright yellow vinyl wrap and a name to match. "Beem3r" was born. Shortly there after came the M4 GTS, and shortly after that, the M2 Performance Edition. While the GTS shares the spotlight on the Carnucopia page & still shines on Tuner Theory, the M2 has become Amir's newest pride & joy.
The car blends elements and aesthetic touches from the other M cars he's kept around. Thanks to the team at SunStoppers, Amir's M2 remains protected with full body satin STEALTH paint protection. The RKP carbon lip & rear diffuser add some extra aggression while not looking too overstated as well.
On the roll, Brixton Forged CM10s wrapped in Michelin rubber help anchor it all to the pavement. Add in the addition of our newest PRIME XR PLUS window tint, and the Carnucopia M2 is a recipe for the perfect high performance daily.
"It not only looks amazing, but [PRIME XR PLUS] also has the best properties of any window tint out there."
He's got a point, after all. Window tint isn't just about aesthetics these days - it's a performance product in its own way. PRIME XR PLUS is your greatest defense against harmful UV rays, offering insane levels of infrared heat rejection, and all backed by a lifetime transferable warranty. From an installer as vetted as the SunStoppers, it's a no brainer. Especially when you're running with a group that's as hungry for the latest & greatest like Amir's fellow Tuner Theory members.
"It's been fun - I can point to the tint on the windows [&] having the first customer car, I jokingly put that on my social media only to have the guys say "I'm 3rd in the world" or "I'm 4th in the world" with a crying face next to it."
A little friendly competition is healthy after all. It keeps us motivated to continue pushing the envelope. It drives enthusiasts to seek out what's needed for peak performance, and in turn, forces the industry to step up & meet the demand.

Keep up with Carnucopia

Getting to see Carnucopia's M2 in its natural habitat was a sight to behold. We're proud to have a handful of supporters in the Tuner Theory group, and Amir's approach to curating Carnucopia is always exciting. We can't wait to see what he does next. Be sure to follow along with the M2 & his other projects as they progress over at


Special thanks to Mike Burke & the team at SunStoppers for their incredible work doing STEALTH, ULTIMATE PLUS, and a PRIME XR PLUS install on the Carnucopia M2. Special thanks to Team XPEL member Chris Hardy for helping make it all come together. Interested in how your car would look protected with XPEL STEALTH? Check out our product image gallery & envision your own satin transformation.