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Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach 2018 with the Velos Mclaren 570S

2018 marked the 16th year for the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction at the South Florida Fairgrounds Expo Center. This year, the show saw the inclusion of the John Staluppi collection, bringing 145 unique vehicles to the blocks for sale. With nearly 700 cars totaling out just shy of $40 million, the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auctions were as exciting as ever.

Velos DesignWerks McLaren 570s with ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection

As some of our readers might recall, we bolstered our presence at the 2017 WFCT with the help of a bright orange McLaren. In particular, the Velos DesignWerks 570S. For Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach, it was back with a few new updates & modifications.
Along with ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film from The Sign Savers, the Velos 570S now has a new set of black & gold VLS01 wheels & a rear carbon wing.
The McLaren drew a ton of attention to the XPEL booth. Having a fast car to show off is one thing, but when it's a rolling example of how the products performs in the wild, it's even better.

Protecting a Little Piece of History

No doubt, Barrett-Jackson is always full of surprises. When an opportunity for protecting something special arises, you've got to jump on it. Of all the celebrity sightings this year, Burt Reynolds stood out the most. Since his '80 Trans Am Pace Car crossed the blocks this year, the Bandit was on-location for a little meet & greet. After an autograph session, Burt decided to sign the Smokey themed printed wrap on the side of one of the merch trailers. With the help of some XPEL ULTIMATE film samples, Peter from Zen Auto Concepts made short work of preserving the signatures for years to come.

Crowd Pleasers & Pocket Drainers

As we mentioned above, Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach grew quite a bit in 2018. Staluppi's "Cars of Dreams" collection encompassed an entirely new tent all on its own. The collection included a little bit of everything, from classics to muscle and even a few oddities.
While most of the vehicles were convertibles, there was one coupe that stood out. None other than a bone-stock twin turbo Toyota Supra, which sold for $50K and some change. There were quite a few other JDM legends hanging around the auction grounds of Barret-Jackson Palm Beach as well. We spied a handful of R33 Nissan Skylines, a right hand drive Mazda RX-7, and even a couple of NSXs.
The top seller of the show was a uniquely spec'd Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition. Only 50 of the 500 LFAs produced came as Nürburgring Editions, so we were a bit surprised to see one crossing the blocks in Palm Beach of all places. At any rate, the LFA found a new home to the tune of a $770,000 hammer down.
Inside the main Exhibitor Pavilion, a different high value supercar icon sat a few steps away from the XPEL booth. A Heritage Edition Ford GT, presumably, one of the same from SEMA 2017, looked as striking as ever in race inspired regalia. Other notable additions to the Blue Oval's base included the infamous Mustang Bullitt, as well as the first new Ford Ranger we've seen in the wild.

Next Stop: Mohegan Sun

All in all, this year's Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach was another awesome event for buyers, sellers, and show-goers alike. Between record setting attendance, high value automobiles and the enthusiasm of ownership, Barrett Jackson is just the type of place we like to be.
In a handful of months, you'll be able to catch us back in the action at the Mohegan Sun for Barrett-Jackson Northeast. If you're going to the show, don't hesitate to stop by the booth & say hi!