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NRS Tint Shop Ensures Its Customers Never Ride Stock with XPEL PPF, Window Tint and Ceramic Coating

NRS Tint Shop has been providing the drivers, cyclists, and riders of Staten Island with XPEL products for nearly half a decade. The shop's brand and lifestyle philosophy to never ride stock, whether in a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle, is the heart of their window tint and PPF service. XPEL Territory Manager Dean Mitchell recently visited NRS Tint shop to see how XPEL's line of self-healing PPF and UV Protective window tint is serving the local car and bike community.

NRS Tint Shop is certified to sell and install all XPEL products, from window film and ceramic coating to the latest PPF. Shop owners Christian Zagami and Robert Gullery expressed their thoughts on working exclusively with XPEL. Zagami commented that working with XPEL has doubled their business. "There is no option like XPEL," said Gullery when discussing the product's quality and support that works with independent shops through well-organized marketing and advertising. Adding that, working with XPEL feels like having a business partner rather than a corporate collaboration. XPEL understands that success goes hand-and-hand. XPEL Inc. started as a small business and working with independent shops like NRS Tint Shop ensures it never loses sight of its roots.


Visit NRS Tint Shop to shop their line of Never Ride Stock merchandise. Or, check out XPEL.com to learn about the all-new ULTIMATE FUSION ™ Hydrophobic Paint Protection Film and find a certified XPEL installation center near you.