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3 Ways XPEL Window Tint Can Improve the Quality of Tractor Ownership & Operation

As winter breaks so spring can bloom, farms across the country prepare for another year of working the land. However, one needs to inspect the equipment before one can start cultivating. This requires checking the tire pressure, fluids and probing for signs of leaks or signs of forthcoming breakdowns on their farm equipment and tractors. In addition to cleaning and updating the maintenance log.

Farming is one if not the most vital professions that allow modern society to continue with any sense of convenience. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by those who've never visited a field or thought about the effort that goes into working the land. It's not unusual for farmers to be inside their tractors from sunup till sundown and into the night. Because of this, tractor owners should prioritize comfort when in the driver's seat.

Modern farm tractors can hold as many amenities as a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but one area that is often overlooked is direct sunlight. Spending all day out in the fields means being under constant exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays. XPEL window film can help improve the quality of tractor interiors by protecting the drivers against UV rays and infrared heat.

3 Reasons XPEL Window Tint Helps Cut Down on a Farmer’s Tan

Applying tint to tractors and other farm equipment windows is not a novelty. Window tint can add style to a John Deere, Kubota, or Mahinda while providing the benefits of sun protection. However, XPEL window tint provides useful features that go beyond UV protection and shade. Here are three reasons XPEL window film can improve and protect interior quality without compromising.

1. Window Tint Doesn’t Always Reduce Outbound Visibility

Work doesn’t always stop once the sun goes down. Dark window tint can make seeing at night difficult. XPEL took this into consideration when designing PRIME XR PLUS window film. The film is available in high VLTs – meaning, it allows for high “variable light transmission.” The higher the VLT, the “lighter” the tint, and no impact on your view. PRIME XR PLUS utilizes a layer nano-ceramic construction that offers sun shielding even with a high VLT level. As a result, you get UV and heat protection during the day without sacrificing visibility at night.

2. Won’t Interfere with Communication Signals

Losing signal when your far from home can be annoying and potentially dangerous. XPEL Window Tint does not interfere with radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signals. So, you're free to enjoy listening to podcasts, music and stay communicated when tilling the fields.

3. Decreases Inbound Heat to Keep You Cool

The most crucial benefit of tinting your tractor with PRIME XR PLUS window film is protection against 99% of harmful UV rays and 98% of infrared heat. It helps keep the interior cool while providing peace of mind against a leading cause of skin cell damage. The quality of XPEL window film earned the Seal of Recommendation by the Skin Cancer Foundation .

Special thanks to Car Crazy Window Tinting in Ephrata, WA, for providing the photos used in this article to showcase the quality XPEL window film applied to John Deere products.

Improve the Quality of Your Tractor's Interior with XPEL Window Tint

XPEL offers window tint to help your tractor, truck, and home. Check out our full line of window films and use the Installer Locator tool to find the nearest certified XPEL dealer near you can get a free quote today!