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2011 Porsche GT2RS Clear Bra Installation

Full Frontal Coverage XPEL ULTIMATE and STEALTH Paint Protection Films Wrapped Edges

Perhaps the most capable track car of this generation, the 2011 Porsche GT2RS is at the top of the automotive food chain. We were fortunate enough to get the first of these to arrive in San Antonio to install a full frontal clear bra. Anyone familiar with these cars knows that the hood and mirrors are manufactured out of carbon fiber, but this is one of the few cars I have seen where the carbon fiber has a matte satin finish. To match the texture of these parts and not change the appearance of the car, we installed XPEL STEALTH Paint Protection Film on both. Normally we would always wrap the film around the edges of the hood on a car like this so the film is completely undetectable. This hood, however, had a very angular lip on the underside of the hood edges that posed some problems with the wrap. Not that it could not be done, but it could lift over time. We decided longevity was more important and opted for taking the film as close to the edges as possible without wrapping around. On the bumper and fenders, we covered every surface and wrapped every edge possible with our newest film, XPEL ULTIMATE. This paint protection film employs a new elastomeric polymer clear coat with some amazing properties. First, this clear coat has an incredibly low surface energy making contaminants that would normally stain or harm the film wash right off. Additionally, the elastic properties of the clear coat cause light scratches or swirl marks to "heal" on their own when exposed to heat or UV. These two properties, along with the clarity, lack of "orange-peel" texture, and simple installation process make this arguably the worlds most perfect paint protection film.

XPEL Ultimate Self-healing Clear Bra

XPEL ULTIMATE leadsthe industry with it's clarity, durability, gloss retention and more. We stand behind our product 100%, so much so that ULTIMATE has a 10-year warranty covering defects such as yellowing, cracking, staining, blistering and/or delaminating.

Protecting your car has many benefits. It will help maintain your cars factory finish, make your car easier to clean, help the resale value of your vehicle, all while it is being protected from every day driving.

Demonstration of our XPEL ULTIMATE self-healing properties

Our XPEL ULTIMATE film self-heals from light scratches, swirl marks and rock chips while driving or maintaining your vehicle. During the show we use a Brass wirebrush to simulate the every day occurrences that can affect the film. With the sun on the display the scratches from the brush instantly disappear. When the sun is not available, you can accelerate the healing process with a cup of warm water or a heat source.

Not all Patternsare created equal

At XPEL we pride ourselves on our pre-cut pattern software. By using a pre-cut pattern youll have less to worry about, since the installer willnot be trimming the film on your vehicle.Using a pre-cut pattern the film will naturally fit without excessive stretching or contortion, which means the finished product not only lines up perfectly but is free of defects which could be visible once the install is finished.

Contrary to what some may believe its possible to wrap edges using a computer cut pattern which gives you a much better protection and installation. WithXPEL Technologies Corp., all patterns are available with precision cut wrapped edges where possible. Where a wrapped edge is not possible,for example around theparking sensors on a bumper, reverse cameras and more, the film is always machine cut with precision.

You can pick and choose your coverage options.

  • Door handle inserts, also known as door cups. This area is prone to getting scratched when entering and exiting the vehicle with rings, fingernails, etc...
  • Luggage Area Kit. This area is prone to damage due to items being removed from the trunk.
  • Headlights and/or Fog-lights Kit
  • Rocker Panels
  • High Impact Areas