Big Foot

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ProToolsNow Big Foot was specifically designed t? m?ke r?m?val of w?t?r from th? l?w?r portion of rear w?nd?w? easier during window film installation. Th?? ?ndu?tr? favorite is a full 15 ?n?h?? fr?m bl?d? t?? to h?ndl? ?nd. B???u?? of this, B?g Foot g?v?? ??u the long r???h ??u n??d to g?t t? the bottom ?f ?t! Big Foot ?? f?rm enough t? ?u?h ?ut m???tur? and ?u?h d?wn f?ng?r?, even where th? back w?nd?w rakes at a t?ght ?ngl?. It features a fl?x–f?rm bl?d? m?ld?d r?ght ?nt? the long, fl?tt?n?d t?nn??–r???u?t–?t?l? h?ndl?, ?nugl? wr????d w?th g?nu?n? H??d S?fT?? traction grip m?t?r??l. Th?? ??mb?n?t??n w?rk? l?k? a charm, transferring squeegee ?r???ur? t? the ???nt-?f-??nt??t wh?r? you n??d ?t, d??? down in the b??k window. Made In The USA

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