TX2K17: A World Record Weekend at Royal Purple Raceway

If you've never had the pleasure of attending TX2K, you may not know what you're missing out on. Some have referred to it as "The Super Bowl of Street Car Racing," and we'd have to agree. It's an event that's gone from being Supra-centric, to a full on clash of automotive titans. #TeamXPEL en route to TX2K17 After a brief stop at XPEL Houston, we pressed onward to Royal Purple Raceway for the main event. David set the pace in his XPEL ULTIMATE wrapped Dodge Challenger SRT 392. Consequentially, it was the perfect opportunity for snapping rolling shots! We weren't alone on the drive in either. A few miles out from the track, we came upon a lone Chicane Grey McLaren 570s that was also making its way to TX2K17. The driver surprised us with a lightning fast flyby before putting a few car lengths on our convoy. On Location at Royal Purple Raceway With our tent all set up close to the staging lanes, we were in a prime position for event's festivities. While the yellow XPEL Tundra is eye catching on its own, we opted to draw a crowd in proper TX2K fashion: horsepower. Over the course of our stay at RPR, we had a combined excess of around 3,000+ HP on deck between two Lamborghinis. First up was a beautiful Underground Racing Superleggera. The following day, a bright orange Heffner Performance Gallardo graced the booth. Amidst Facebook Live streams, we took some time to educate attendees on the advantages of XPEL ULTIMATE & STEALTH self-healing clear bra as well as our PRIME window films. We saw a lot of familiar faces and we also made a few new friends. One attendee even told us he's hoping to expanding the XPEL Dealer Network all the way to Jamaica! As luck would have it, our neighbors from Eat Sleep Race brought out a crazy RHD Rocket Bunny S15 with a Nissan RB26 motor swap. It was quite a sight to behold and definitely attracted a lot of attention from event goers. Car Spotting Around the Grounds There was a wide variety of vehicles to see at TX2K17, from tuners to exotics & beyond. Most of all, the Nissan GT-R presence at TX2K has grown stronger with each passing year, and 2017 was no exception. For example, it's not every day that we get to see a line up of GT-R's spanning four generations! Between the rows of tents & team trailers, we spotted a Radical RXC, the same elusive grey McLaren, and even a new Ford Raptor. One of the great things about an event like TX2K is that a majority of the cars there came to race. Hard parking isn't on the event schedule. Venturing over towards the dyno zone, we spied a lone Mazda RX-7 prepping for a pull. As spectators looked on, the FD grumbled to life in an eruption of boost. One of the nice things about dyno days at TX2K is the fact that it's open to all makes & models. Anyone can test their power output whether they're running AWD or 2WD. It's hard to resist snapping a pic of anything that's XPEL yellow. A well-kept Ford GT sat unassumingly near the tail end of the staging lanes a few feet away from the action. While it seemed to be stock in nature, you can never be too sure of what's lurking below the surface at an event like TX2K. Beyond our booth, there were quite a few cars on-site protected with XPEL ULTIMATE clear bra as well. A UR8 Lamborghini Huracan, Huracan Spyder, and a Murcielago sat near the track entrance looking as good as the day they got wrapped. Even a brand new 2017 Acura NSX found its way to TX2K, shining bright in metallic pearl white. No doubt, it was a perfect candidate for paint protection! Trackside at TX2K17 Exploring the pits at the track is an experience in itself, but the real reason to attend is the racing. As Gold Tier sponsors of TX2K17, we had access to get right up in the thick of it, and it didn't disappoint. With our team polos caked in tire fragments, permeated by the smell of exhaust, we ended every day wide eyed & grinning. As a result of our proximity, we may have suffered some minor hearing loss, but it was worth it. Next time we'll make sure to bring some ear protection. From the tower walkways, we got a bird's eye view of the action. If you're not familiar with roll racing, the concept is simple: cars have to maintain a designated speed as they approach the start point.  Once they reach the flag, it's wide open throttle till the end of the pass and as a result, whoever gets there first, wins. In a sense, roll racing brings the rush of freeway pulls to a safer, more controlled environment. With multiple brackets & classes competing, there was plenty of high-horsepower entertainment to take in. As the days events progressed, the anticipation for automotive insanity continued to elevate. WITNESSING HISTORY IN THE MAKING We saw quite a few passes during our four day stay at Royal Purple Raceway. Breaking records at TX2K is by no means a rare occurrence and it's always mind blowing to see first hand. With trap speeds reaching into the 200s, a few measly seconds can feel like a century waiting for the results to come in. One of the first record breakers was none other than a twin turbo UR4 Huracan piloted by KC Howeth of Underground Racing. In the first round of roll racing, KC set a new track top speed of 217 MPH. Working his way through eliminations, Howeth wound up in the finals placing 1st in the Unlimited Class. Excitement brewed over with exhibition drag racing from AMS Performance and ETS. While multiple teams were gunning for the elusive 6 second quarter mile pass, only one emerged victorious. Despite suffering an engine fire the day prior, the AMS Alpha G GT-R brought the quickness. For a moment, time seemed to slow to a near halt. The announcer boomed over the loudspeaker, and the clocks confirmed it: Gidi Chamdi set a new world record. Cheers erupted from the crowd. The media swarmed around Gidi & the AMS team while they took in the moment. For those who missed out, check out the video clip below and watch the Alpha G's insane 6.9 second pass for yourself. Video courtesy of 1320 Video WRAPPING UP & ROLLING OUT All in all, it seems safe to say that TX2K17 was one of the best ones yet. It's an epic showcase of automotive awesomeness, and exactly the type of event we love to sponsor. We're already looking forward to sharing the benefits of XPEL clear bra & window films with attendees next year. TX2K18 can't come soon enough! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST OF RACE RESULTS   TX2K17 GALLERY

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