Monterey Car Week 2017: Legends, Werks, Motorsports Reunion & More

Monterey Car Week 2017: XPEL On Location We've been attending Car Week since 2013, and without a doubt, it's one of the most anticipated events of the year. The events, the locale, the vehicles - for one week out of the year, it's a proverbial automotive heaven on earth. As expected, Monterey Car Week 2017 was everything we dreamed of, and more. While Monterey Car Week is quite literally a week long chain of events, the real excitement always happens closer to the weekend. For Team XPEL, we planned to be in 3 different places at once on Friday. Between Legends of the Autobahn, Werks Reunion, and the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, our Car Week weekend started off with a bang. Legends of the Autobahn For the German car enthusiast, there is no better Car Week event to attend than Legends of the Autobahn. Co-hosted by BMW Club, Mercedes Club, and the Audi Club, Legends is an epicenter of Deutsche delights. Michelin, the show's primary sponsor, had a trio of three stunning Mercedes lined up on the lawn. An AMG GT R, SLS AMG, and a modified SLR McLaren complete with full Mansory body kit. The turnout for the show was strong. The Nicklaus Club's greens filled out with show goers displaying a wide variety of the Autobahn's finest. We were in good company at the XPEL tent, with two different eras of BMW M cars on display. As luck would have it, Vorsteiner was kind enough to loan us a pristine E30 M3, complete with custom ULTIMATE paint protection. Accompanying the E30 was a brand new M4 GTS that had been completely covered in STEALTH by Appearance Solutions. If legendary vehicles are what you're after during Monterey Car Week, Legends of the Autobahn is a great place to start. Nearly every generation of the most sought after makes & models were in attendance. One show participant even brought out an entire array of Dakkar Yellow M cars. Across the lawns, we spied lemon yellow 190 EVO conversion. An all white 560 SEC AMG also attracted a lot of attention from attendees. While the origins of the car remains unclear to us, it was cool to see in original "catalog spec." There were plenty of modified vehicles attending Legends too. A handful of modern M cars and an i8 with a wild body kit & wheels among many other Audis & Mercs were on location. All in all, Legends of the Autobahn had a great smattering of old and new. No doubt, there's something for everyone's taste or performance preference. If you're attending Monterey Car Week in the future, don't miss it. Werks Reunion For those who missed out on Porsche Parade, there's always Werks Reunion. The show has been a roaring success for 4 years running, showcasing a little bit of everything that Porsche has to offer. If you're a fan of P-cars, there's no better place to be at Car Week than Werks. The show unfolded at Corral de Tierra Country Club with a bigger turnout than ever before. Modified 356s, backdate delights and modern supercars covered the grounds of Werks. Among them, we spotted a paint-to-sample Riviera Blue GT3 RS. Close by, the PCS Motorsports PPIHC Stage 4 991TTS sat unassumingly under a tree. While the air-cooled section seemed partial to the RS backdate craze, there was no shortage of restomods, weekend track warriors, or modern monster 911s. There was no shortage of wide hips at Werks either, and we're not talkin' RWB. This Jägermeister 934 was a definite favorite. It even managed to take home an award from Porsche Cars North America. Even the infamous Carrera GT found a home at the show. For being over 10 years old, the CGT is still as good looking as ever. No matter what type of Porsche person you are, you'll find something you like at Werks Reunion. For that reason alone, we can't wait to be back. Exotics on Cannery Row As Friday started to come to a close, downtown Monterey descended into madness. The good kind of madness. The loud kind. As crowds around Cannery Row began to grow to epic proportions, we made our way back from the day's events. Exotics on Cannery Row had reached critical mass. The street packed out with vehicles & spectators alike. If you're not familiar with EOCR, it's one of Monterey Car Week's most popular new events. The show is completely free to attend & it houses some of the wildest rides of Car week. Beyond the Concept Lawn or The Quail, you wont find anything else like it. As We made our way down Cannery Row towards the main display, a full STEALTH wrapped Lamborghini Reventon was drawing a crowd. Pushing through the masses, we also caught a look at the Cephus Centenario. One of the few Bugatti Chirons stateside was also in attendance. A few cars over, the one & only Riviera Blue GT had made it into the Michelin display. Not one, not two, but three Ferrari F50s were on location at the end of the row too. The sheer variety of vehicles present at Exotics on Cannery Row is part of what makes it such a blast to attend. If you've got limited time to spend at Car Week and you want to make the most of it, EOCR is a must. With the show coming to a close, we made our way out of the crowds to watch a few cars roll out from a distance. Our first day of Monterey Car Week was wrapping up, and we still had lots to experience. Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Saturday rolled around & it was time for all hands on deck at Laguna Seca. Our biggest display of Monterey Car Week was out at the track for the Motorsports Reunion. Walking onto the grounds from the back sponsor lot, we were immediately greeted by an array of Singer 911s. if you're not familiar, these magnificent machines are far from being a simple, idealized resto-Porsche. Singer Vehicle Design has gone well above and beyond the average 911 updates. They have carbon fiber body components, fully integrated roll cages, bespoke interiors and much, much more. No detail on a Singer 911 gets overlooked. Personal tastes aside, these cars have some of the most stunning cockpits around. As the Singer mantra goes - everything is important. Coupled with the selection of Singer 911s sat a uniquely spec'd GT3 RS & 911 R with orange accents. Only a few feet away tucked back under the awnings, the Risi Competizione Ferrari 488 GTE. We were lucky to have a pretty awesome Italian stallion gracing the XPEL booth as well. 599 GTO spec'd in all black with yellow accents & a contrasting center stripe. Sporting full body ULTIMATE paint protection plus plenty of carbon fiber, the GTO was a perfect conversation piece for the show. For those who stopped by to learn more about XPEL Automotive Survival Products, we had a contest for a chance to win a roll of TRACWRAP. Directly behind our booth, Griot's Garage had a couple p-cars on display including one with ULTIMATE protection. Once the crowds lulled a bit, it was time to venture out into the pits. Even with three days to spend at the Motorsports Reunion, getting eyes on everything is tough. Row after row, tent after tent - the cars seem to be never ending. Automotive legends new & old were on location. BMW CSLs, a Renault Alpine, a race-prepped 300SL Gullwing, the Gozzy Kremer Porsche 935. The list goes on. Among the classics, a slew of modern engineering was also present. Notably, a new Ford GT, McLaren P1, and Jaguar's Formula E i-Type. After a tour of the pits, a hike to the top of the corkscrew was in order. Even at the summit of Laguna, it was still easy to spot the bright yellow XPEL tent amongst the others. Upon catching a few laps from the top, we ventured back down to see how close to the action we could get through the fence. The real highlight of the Rolex Reunion is seeing so many monsters of motorsport in motion, after all. Car spotting around Monterey is a great way to spend the day, but if rolling history is what you're after, put Laguna on your list for Car Week 2018. Infiltrating the Quail Lodge If you're not familiar with The Quail, it's one of Monterey Car Week's most prestigious displays. Held on the 18th hole of the Quail Lodge, the event features a staggering collection of old & new. Admission is upwards of $600 a head, and while the all-you-can-eat caviar bar is a big draw, the price tag is hard to swallow. As the saying goes - walk with confidence. After a polite exchange with event security and a brisk walk up to the greens, we were on the lawns of The Quail during setup. As cars were being unloaded and uncovered, we spread out to see as much as we could. The first thing that caught our eyes was the array of Koenigseggs we had seen previously at EOCR & Laguna. Audi was still setting up, but they had already pulled the covers off the R8 LMS GT3, as well as the original Sport Quattro S1 "Pikes Peak." Not too far from Audi, we caught our first look at the new Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Spec'd in a deep metallic green with contrasting bronze wheels, the Performante was drool worthy. Near the back of The Quail, we happened upon the Bugatti Chiron press car right as they began to unload it. If you're following us on Instagram, you may have heard it throw some revs for us in a short IG video. The Chiron is a serious sight to behold, especially when it's adorned with bright red interior. A stone's throw away, Bugatti had two other "classics' on display. Regardless of your automotive preferences, The Quail will rarely fail to disappoint. It might come with a hefty entry price, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better display without the crowds. As we headed back to the rental, an extremely rare Ford GT40 Roadster Prototype roared to life and puttered down a cart path. The sun was setting on The Quail, and we would have been hard pressed to find a better send off than that. Pebble Beach Concept Lawn & Manufacturer Displays As Sunday rolled around, we awoke ready to brave the crowds at one of the other top free events of Monterey Car Week. When people think of Pebble Beach, they usually think of the Concours d'Elegance. While the pageantry & poise of the Concours are uniquely "CarWeekian," the hype is on the Concept Lawn. With the Concept Lawn, a systematic approach seems to be the best route to go. Enter on one end, circle the green, and try to get as close to the chainlink as possible. This year's Lawn was nothing short of wild, with a smattering of concepts, a mix of hypercars, race cars, and pre-production prototypes. Despite not having hundreds of horses on deck or an insane price tag, the new VW ID Buzz drew a lot of attention. It's slated for production in 2022, and we can't wait to see them on the road. Down the road from the Concept Lawn, Mercedes-Benz had a solid selection of their very own to admire. Unless you're at Monterey Car Week, seeing a CLK GTR in person is almost unheard of. A mere 20 road-going coupes made it into production. Beyond the CLK GTR, the famous "Red Pig" was also in attendance, along with the one & only AMG Hammer wagon. Back up the road from Mercedes, the Bentley house was a Betayaga & Supersports showcase. The new Supersports "X" convertible was a highlight, with unique two-tone paint and plenty of carbon fiber. While the latest of the CGTSS lineup isn't much of a departure from years past, it's still a grand tourer's dream. Of course, the baby blue drop top resting front & center felt distinctly "Monterey" as well. Doubling back towards the concept lawn, we stumbled upon a back way up towards Ferrari's 70th birthday bash. If you're a fan of the Italian Stallion, Ferrari's 70th anniversary showing was the stuff of dreams. So many incredible cars, and not a single velvet rope in sight. Beyond Maranello, there's no better place for prancing horse appreciation than Pebble Beach. Among the ranks, a well-known '62 Ferrari 250 GTO had posted up on its own little pad of excellence. If it looks familiar, that's because it was a part of the ‘most expensive car crash’ ever in 2012. Since then it's undergone extensive restoration to return to its former glory. Another Ferrari that caught our attention was a rare black on black F50. Look closely at the photos, and you might spot something unique about the paint's surface. It's so thin, you can actually see the carbon fiber weave of the body panels underneath! With the Ferrari party behind us, we made our way back to the Uber pickup zone with camera cards full and heads buzzing from automotive euphoria. Before hitting the road, we popped over to see the Lucid Air EV. The prototype boasts around 1000hp, and hit a brain-melting 235mph in testing. Making our way up the hill from Pebble Beach, we heard a low rumble sneaking up behind us. It was none other than the blu cepheus Lamborghini Centenario from EOCR. Vorsteiner BMW E30 M3 As our Monterey Car Week extravaganza started to come to a close, it was time to return our special guests. First up, the Vorsteiner BMW E30 M3. Without a doubt, the E30 is a crowd pleaser. Even with only a few fleeting moments of seat time, it was easy to fall in love. It exudes balance & performance coupled with timeless good looks. With only a few minor modifications, the Vorsteiner E30 ticks all the right boxes. Big thanks to our friends at Vorsteiner for allowing us to display it at the booth during Legends of the Autobahn. The E30 put the "M" in Monterey Car Week, and for that, we're grateful. ULTIMATE 599 GTO on 17 Mile Drive For our final Monterey outing of Car Week 2017, we went in search of the ULTIMATE roller with the 599 GTO. After a quick loop through downtown, we made our way towards the famous 17 Mile Drive as the sun began set in front of us. The view was glorious. Bathed in the kind of warm glow only a California coast can produce, the 599 looked stellar. Much like the Vorsteiner E30, we were very lucky to have the GTO with us at the track again this year. One can only imagine the nightmare of maintaining a black 599, but thanks to ULTIMATE clear bra, it'll look just as good when Car Week 2018 rolls around. Bugatti Chiron "Hell Bee" in the Wild Last but most certainly not least, the car that needs no introduction: the Chiron "Hell Bee." As luck would have it, our excursion down 17 Mile Drive lead us right into the loading zone for Pebble Beach. Just as we were about to turn around & head home, we saw a flash of yellow off to the left. The one & only Hell Bee was getting tucked in for the night. We missed out on seeing it during the days prior due to the viewing party being private, but now, the car gods had smiled upon us. Almost as soon as we pulled over, car spotters and vloggers came out of the woodwork to get a look at the Chiron. If you've received our most recent e-mail blast, chances are you know where it'll be making an appearance next. Closing Thoughts Monterey Car Week 2017 was quite possibly the greatest car week thus far. 2018 will be here in no time, and we can't wait to do it all over again. Check out the mega gallery below for a few shots that didn't make the cut, and sound off in the comments by letting us know what you want to see more of! Monterey Car Week 2017 Mega Gallery

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