Gold Rush Rally 7 2015

Driving Fast, Looking Good, and Staying Cool at the goldRush Rally Protect Your Supercar with XPEL's Invisible Suit of Armor Turn over the keys to a $2.5 million Bugatti Veyron to most people and they might think twice about running it hard on the streets and tracks that make up the legendary cross-country goldRush Rally. Spread over eight days and eight cities between San Diego and Miami, the 2015 edition of the rally, goldRush7, included a mixture of cruising and partying at the nation’s hottest spots, with intense track days and exotic drag races at venues like the Circuit of the Americas outside Austin, Texas. The Veyron owner might be excused for leaving the car in the garage and wiping it with a chamois—safe from gravel rash, bug splatter and door dings. But when the official movie from goldRush7 is released on Nov. 5, at SEMA in Las Vegas, you’ll see not just one but two of the world’s most expensive production cars ripping up the track in Texas. The confidence to ride those—and dozens of other exotic supercars—hard in the Texas heat comes in part from cutting edge protection provided by XPEL ULTIMATE self-healing film. Stones, road debris, tar and bugs (and even a stray spilled cocktail) can’t penetrate XPEL’s ultra-thin, durable clear coat. And when the protective film does get marked by a wayward piece of gravel, the heat of the sun (or a glass of hot water) will heal the top layer of polymer. This ultimate level of paint protection is why many of the cars entered in the goldRush7 made the run fully wrapped in XPEL film. Here are just a few running at the Circuit of the Americas:   The Proof is in the Presentation Car enthusiasts at the Austin and Miami rally looking for proof of XPEL’s self-healing protection could see it happen right in front of them in the pre-race staging area. Aggressive scratches and swirl marks made in the film with a brass wire brush disappeared instantly in the warm sun. At some of the cooler nighttime venues, drivers cleared marks from gravel strikes with a cup of warm water or a hair dryer. As seen below:  Trust Your Car to the Best Whether the most important car to you is a $2.5 million supercar or a $25,000 daily-driver, you’re looking for the same things when it comes to protection. You want to be able show off the shine and new-car finish without worrying about dirt and damage from driving or your parking environment. XPEL Ultimate leads the industry in protection, performance, and post-sale support. Your investment in your car will be protected by XPEL’s 10-year warranty against yellowing, cracking, staining, blistering, or delaminating. Fit is Just as Important as Finish The finest suit money can buy isn’t fun to wear if it doesn’t fit. XPEL Ultimate is the choice for so many car owners because the film itself comes pre-cut by state-of-the-art pattern software. Instead of relying on a technician to trim and fold traditional protective film, XPEL fits like a glove—whether you’re covering your entire car or just damage-prone areas like the bumper, nose, headlights, door-handle inserts, or luggage compartment. It’s precision you can’t see—no folds, no wrinkles, no gauzy haze distracting the view of the car beneath. It’s like having an invisible suit of custom-tailored armor for your car.   Bonus Pictures from the Track                  

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