Satin White Panamera Turbo?

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How do you make a Panamera look even better?
You wrap it with XPEL STEALTH!

Imagine, you just spent over $140,000 dollars on a beautiful Pure White Porsche Panamera Turbo. What is the first thing you do, besides drive it like you stole it? You wrap the vehicle with XPEL ULTIMATE self-healing Paint Protection Film. Our Co-Founder, COO Tim Hartt, didn’t just wrap it with our traditional XPEL ULTIMATE; he wrapped the ENTIRE vehicle with XPEL STEALTH satin-finish paint protection film. That’s right, every painted surface of this Porsche Panamera is wrapped with our STEALTH film. This revolutionary film transforms your glossy paint to a satin finish of your vehicles color.

XPEL San Antonio was honored to begin this process of wrapping this entire Panamera. We started by washing and removing any contaminants with a clay-bar. After the vehicle was clean and free from debris, we started with our pre-cut kits of XPEL STEALTH and applied to every panel of this vehicle. Our pre-cut kits allow for a wrapped edge, to make for a seamless installation.

XPEL STEALTH has a 10-year warranty that covers, yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating.



Aside from the STEALTH satin clear bra, this isn’t your standard Porsche Panamera Turbo. This Panamera has been upgraded with a few things from AWE Tuning, which together add a staggering 100+ horsepower and 90+ft lb of torque at the crank. This is accomplished by a G.I.A.C Performance Software Upgrade and a full turbo-back track edition performance exhaust. The moment you’re in the driver seats and start this beast up, you feel the cooled seats on your back, the rumble of the new exhaust and as soon as you punch it, you hear the turbos sing loudly and the exhaust roar as you speed from zero to 60 mph, 1.03 seconds quicker than stock, thanks to the software upgrade. Now check out how we protect this beautiful and powerful car.

Check out the installation process and awesome video footage below:

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Now, for the best part, pictures!

Finished photos of the Panamera thats fully wrapped with XPEL STEALTH


The Panamera before it went in for surgery, notice the glossy OEM Pure White paint


In this picture the installers are installing STEALTH on the front fender


With the fender installed, the installers are now fitting the front bumper with STEALTH, if you look closely you can see the transformation down the side of the vehicle where there is no film installed yet


We remove the headlights in order to wrap the edges of the film for a seamless installation, this is standard on nearly every Porsche installation we complete


Always ask for wrapped edges where possible, plus we’ve removed the Porsche emblem for a seamless hood installation


STEALTH looks absolutely phenomenal on this Pure White Panamera


The roof is fully wrapped with STEALTH and precision cut to fit with or without a sunroof


Every painted part of this car is wrapped with XPEL STEALTH, leaving no panel untouched


A great rolling shot of the Porsche Panamera Turbo after the STEALTH was installed




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