XPEL Colored Headlamp Protection

Never break an expensive headlight or fog light again!

Like the clear version, XPEL colored Light Kits, designed for both off-road and show car use, are made from a proprietary, scratch-resistant, urethane material coupled with the strongest optically clear adhesive available. Designed for maximum durability, these light covers were originally tested under the harshest of circumstances with amazing results. Both in the real world and in the lab, our colored covers have proven that they will withstand a barrage of abuse with no damage to the lens they protect. It is nice to know that your expensive lenses are protected in every scenario. We are so confident in our product that we offer a 7-year warranty to leave you with complete peace of mind.

XPEL colored Light Kits are available in yellow, blue, and smoke colors and are strictly for show-car and off-road use only.

Search for Headlamp Protection Products for your vehicle, or visit one of our certified XPEL™ Dealers, and never break an expensive headlight or fog light again!