Corvettes at Carlisle meets the best protection around, XPEL ULTIMATE

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From left to right: Benjamin (XPEL), Bill (Auto-Graphics), David (XPEL), Emily (Rose Detailing), Tiffany and Brett (AAPP), Deanna (AutoPro1), Michael (XPEL), Jon (Rose Detailing), Marcus (Rose Detailing), Randy (Detail Authority)

Corvettes at Carlisle

This year’s event marked the biggest and best Carlisle event yet. With the help of our dedicated and knowledgeable installers, team XPEL helped protect over 21 Corvettes at the show, which ran Thursday through Sunday. Some of our Independent Installers came from all over the area, as far away as Maryland. We’d like to thank all of our customers and loyal supporters that came by the booth and said hello. Every year leaves us wanting more, and we cannot wait to be back for Corvettes at Carlisle in 2017, be sure to look out for us next year!


From left to right: Bill (Auto-Graphics), Marcus (Rose Detailing), Brett and Tiffany (All American Paint Protection)

For those that are unfamiliar with Corvettes at Carlisle, it’s an annual Corvette show that’s held in Carlisle, Pennslyvania. It’s best described by our friends at Carlisle Events:

“The largest and most fun-filled Corvette event in the world, the annual Corvettes at Carlisle event features more than 5,000 Corvettes representing all generations of America’s classic sports car. Corvette enthusiasm is contagious with participation in autocross, burnouts, and the parade through historic downtown Carlisle. The excitement continues with an incredible shopping experience, including a huge swap meet with a wide variety of vendors, an all-Corvette car corral, Manufacturers Midway and Installation Alley.”


From left to right: Marcus (Rose Detailing), Randy (Detail Authority), Brett and Tiffany (All American Paint Protection)

Corvettes at Carlisle 2017

We look forward to seeing everyone next year and making it an even better and bigger show! Next years dates have been released, come see us August 24th-27th, 2017. A reminder for those attending next year, the show now starts on Thursday at 10am. We will be on site doing live installs, so get ready to have your Corvette protected by our self-healing paint protection film. To register for next year, visit: Carlisle Events


Jon (left) from Rose Detailing with Randy (right) from Detail Authority

XPEL Installers from Corvettes at Carlisle

All American Paint Protection
15125 Frederick Rd, Rockville, Maryland

Auto Graphics
62 Doe Run Rd, Manheim, PA

Auto Pro
1544 Pleasant Valley Blvd, 
Altoona, Pennsylvania

Detail Authority
3131 Draper Dr, Fairfax, Virginia

Rose Detailing
1107 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA


Brett from AAPP installing XPEL ULTIMATE on the fender of the Z06

Installation Pictures



XPEL ULTIMATE leads the industry with its clarity, durability, gloss retention and more. We stand behind our product 100%, so much so that ULTIMATE has a 10-year warranty covering defects such as yellowing, cracking, staining, blistering and/or delaminating.

Protecting your car has many benefits. It will help maintain your car’s factory finish, make your car easier to clean, help the resale value of your vehicle, all while it is being protected from every day driving.

Locate an Installer near you

If you’re interested in having your vehicle protected with XPEL before the next show, please locate an Installer nearest you, click here: XPEL Locator 


Car Show Coverage


We’d like to thank Corvette America and Carlisle Events for the pictures of the show coverage