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Paint & Headlamp Protection Material

XPEL Paint Protection Film is installed by Professional Installers, often using computer-cut patterns specific to the vehicle to which the film is being applied. Some consumers may wish to order short lengths of various XPEL Films for custom protection and to protect other vehicles, equipment, machinery, bicycles, electronic devices and more. All XPEL Protection Films are available for order below in small quantities. For large quantities, bulk rolls or advice finding a Professional Installer, please contact our Customer Service Department.


Disclaimer: Do NOT install XPEL film on Porsche Headlamps, it can cause issues with delaminating.


Our flagship paint protection film. Constructed from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS special clear coat not only prevents the film from discoloring due to contamination and ultra-violet radiation but also heals itself from swirl marks and light scratches that can occur through ordinary washing and drying or daily driving. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS also comes with a full 10-year warranty against yellowing, discoloration, peeling, cracking and hazing. If it fails, we’ll replace it—labor included
SKU Description Cost/ft. Length Add To Cart
XPFCL2U12″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (2″x1)$1.41
XPFCL250U12.5″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (2.5″x1′)$1.76
XPFCL4U14″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (4″x1)$2.82
XPFCL275U12.75″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (2.75″x1′)$3.99
XPFCL6U16″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (6″x1′)$5.40
XPFCL12U112″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (12″x1′)$10.99
XPFCL18U118″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (18″x1′)$16.49
XPFCL24U124″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (24″x1′)$21.98
XPFCL30U130″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (30″x1′)$27.48
XPFCL36U136″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (36″x1′)$32.98
XPFCL60U160″ XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Custom Length PPF (60″x1′)$54.96

XPEL Stealth PPF

This clear, satin finish film can be used to protect matte finish paint, or to change the look of your entire car.
SKU Description Cost/ft. Length Add To Cart
XPFCL24US124″ XPEL STEALTH Custom Length PPF$24.00
XPFCL30US130″ XPEL STEALTH Custom Length PPF$30.00
XPFCL36US136″ XPEL STEALTH Custom Length PPF$36.00
XPFCL60US160″ XPEL STEALTH Custom Length PPF$60.00


Unlike other films, XPEL Headlamp Protection film is press polished ensuring that the product does not negatively impact the light pattern on the road. Additionally, this film has a patented scratch resistant surface coating that provides unmatched levels of durability, stability and longevity. This coating is highly resistant to scuffing and employs a UV inhibitor to prevent shrinking and discoloration, ensuring that your customer's headlights have a flawless appearance over their lifespan.
SKU Description Cost Add To Cart
H9906-0606Headlamp Material (6″x6″)$5.40
H9906-DS-0606Headlamp Material Dark Smoke (6″x6″)$5.40
H9906-1206Headlamp Material (12″x6″)$10.80
H9906-DS-1206Headlamp Material Dark Smoke (12″x6″)$10.80
H9906-2406Headlamp Material (24″x6″)$21.60
H9906-DS-2406Headlamp Material Dark Smoke (24″x6″)$21.60
H9906-DS-1212Headlamp Material Dark Smoke (12″x12″)$21.60
H9906-3606Headlamp Material (36″x6″)$32.40
H9906-DS-3606Headlamp Material Dark Smoke (36″x6″)$32.40
H9906-2412Headlamp Material (24″x12″)$43.20
H9906-DS-2412Headlamp Material Dark Smoke (24″x12″)$43.20
H9906-3612Headlamp Material (36″x12″)$64.80
H9906-DS-3612Headlamp Material Dark Smoke (36″x12″)$64.80
H9906-2424Headlamp Material (24″x24″)$86.40
H9906-DS-2424Headlamp Material Dark Smoke (24″x24″)$86.40
H9906-3624Headlamp Material (36″x24″)$129.60
H9906-DS-3624Headlamp Material Dark Smoke (36″x24″)$129.60


Built for off road, commercial and industrial vehicles, XPEL ARMOR withstands the worst of punishment. With 13 mils (.013") of protection, XPEL ARMOR can take a beating on a worksite or gravel road. With its rugged spray-in bedliner appearance, Armor can also be used to enhance an older vehicle's appearance by hiding road rash and rock chips from a vehicle that has experienced wear over time.
SKU Description Cost/ft. Length Add To Cart
XPFCL275AB12.75″ XPEL ARMOR Custom Length PPF$1.37
XPFCL4AB14″ XPEL ARMOR Custom Length PPF$1.99
XPFCL9AB19″ XPEL ARMOR Custom Length PPF$4.49
XPFCL12AB112″ XPEL ARMOR Custom Length PPF$5.99

If you are not sure whether or not to attempt installation, consult our technical support department at (800) 447-9928 or send us a request through our support form.