BMW Performance Driving Center at The Thermal Club

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Adonis Detail and XPEL ULTIMATE

When BMW of North America announced the opening of a new permanent BMW Performance Driver Training Facility in Southern California in 2014, we were extremely excited. With the increased mileage around the course, the damage from rock chips, bugs acids and other debris were taking a toll on these powerful M cars, they needed some sort of protection. This is where our friends, Adonis Detail come in, they are wrapping each car with XPEL ULTIMATE self-healing film to help keep the beautiful M Performance Cars looking brand new.



BMW takes their performance driving school seriously and since opening, nearly 130,000 students have completed the course. Today between 1,000 and 1,500 people visit the BMW Performance Center every week. With that many people they needed only the best protection for their vehicles. They contacted Adonis Detail and working together they’re protecting each vehicle with XPEL ULTIMATE. A quote from Tim Coats, owner of Adonis Detail,

“Adonis Detail has teamed up with BMW North America to protect their performance vehicles with XPEL ULTIMATE paint protection film. We are covering all of the high impact areas of their vehicles as BMW wants their cars protected as they are pushed to their limits out on the race track. After seeing the great installation and performance on their corporate fleet, the instructors and members all will be getting the same treatments to their personal vehicles.”




For those not familiar with the BMW Performance Center, its located at The Thermal Club, a 32-acre facility with a dedicated 1.4-mile road course, 6.2 acres of paddock, a skid pad and an 8,500 square foot Performance Facility. To read more about Thermal and BMW Performance Driving Center, click here: Thermal BMW




It’s quite an amazing site to see all of these M cars protected with XPEL ULTIMATE, we are proud that the BMW Performance Driving School has partnered with Adonis Detail and XPEL.




XPEL ULTIMATE Self-healing Clear Bra

XPEL ULTIMATE leads the industry with it’s clarity, durability, gloss retention and more. We stand behind our product 100%, so much so that ULTIMATE has a 10-year warranty covering defects such as yellowing, cracking, staining, blistering and/or delaminating.

Protecting your car has many benefits. It will help maintain your car’s factory finish, make your car easier to clean, help the resale value of your vehicle, all while it is being protected from every day driving.

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