If you can’t DODGE it, RAM it

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Lonestar Mopar Fest 2016 – Houston, Texas


First Day Activities:

Hemi Hideout and Friday Night Lights

This year marks our second year sponsoring Lone Star Mopar Fest that is held annually in Houston, Texas. We were honored to host the lunch gathering which started the weekend off right. It was held at none other than the Hemi Hideout, the land of (everything) Mopar. After everyone had a chance to get some delicious food that was catered to the event, the Lonestar Mopar Crew started their raffle giveaway, which included an XPEL Carwash System and Free XPEL ULTIMATE installation.

The second part of the day, well into the evening, was the Friday Night Lights contest. Which entails judging the custom lights that are installed on the headlights, grilles, underbody, etc. Soon after the contest concluded, we got some much-needed rest, so we could prepare for a full, fun day at the race track.

Second Day Activities: 

Lonestar Motor Sports Park

If you’ve never heard of Lonestar Motor Sports Park, you may have heard of Hennessey Performance, which is responsible for the Venom GT and many other fast cars. Well, Hennessey Performance is right next door. We woke up before the sun rose and headed out to the drag strip to have an amazing day of cars racing. We set up our XPEL tent and watched as all the Mopar vehicles raced down the track, to see who had the fastest vehicle there. In the end, it was a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT that ran a mind-blowing 9 second quarter mile. We had an absolute blast with the Mopar crew and look forward to seeing them next year. Below are more event images:

Lonestar Mopar Fest_2016-34

Event Pictures


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